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    Typically tight for small businesses and large fleets similarly. Labor is one of the costliest expenses the average business is bound to have. When you believe your fleet drivers end up being going fishing or fixing other personal business inside the company dime, it’s in order to act definitively to end that behavior quickly.

    Below are a few steps you can take within your organization to effectively end drivers napping, going fishing, or taking care of other personal errands on this clock and in your vehicles.

    Establish Policies Discouraging this Behavior

    If you haven’t spelled this in employee handbooks before, now is the time to address the situation. Create clear and concise policies about drivers coping with personal business during work hours (and in work vehicles) and establish a transparent series of consequences for drivers caught breaking the restrictions.

    While you perhaps may not find the first offense actionable, subsequent offenses need escalating responses and employees need to exactly what those consequences possibly be. Spell it out for these types of.

    Then you must educate employees in regards to new policies, and consequences, you’ve combined with place.
    Researchers on Hilton Head Island are Tagging Alligators with GPS Trackers ‘s not enough to simply include them in the handbook. Most employees don’t read them anyway. Though still needs to be there if it now company protection.

    Finally, make sure employees sign off acknowledging that they understand the new policies and will abide by these individuals. Also, include the consequences of failure to comply involving documents employees sign related to the situation.

    GPS Tracking for Rental Boats Tracking on All Fleet Vehicles

    Drivers know that out of sight often means out of mind. This means that when you’re not following up directly, or along for the ride, you have little knowledge of what’s going on top of.

    How High Temperatures Affect Your Fleet VehicleΓÇÖs Batteries tracking allows you to driver behaviors and routes as if you were in the vehicle with them. Almost everything the following:

    Elect to receive notifications instantly via email or message when drivers deviate from their things.

    Print daily reports concerning how many hours each driver spends at each location. Identify which drivers are getting the done and which drivers may be dragging their feet.

    See which drivers are heading for favorite fishing holes and how lots of time they’re spending correct.

    Identify after-hours utilization of company vehicles and equipment.

    Employees taking regarding operating out of immediate oversight end up being costing your fleet operation plenty. The actions mentioned above can help you identify offenders and take appropriate step.